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Biology Lecture 1KeywordsKeywordDefinitionProposed by Douglas AdamsThe four ages of sand are arranged in order of the advancement of 1Ages of sandtechnologyThe four ages are1 telescope 2 microscope 3 computer chip and 4 fiber opticsOften used in theoretical and applied sciences in the form of models or simulation which can be considered as strong analogies2AnalogyOther much weaker analogies assist in understanding and describing functional behaviors of similar systemsLike inductionThe two part name of a speciesTerm first used in 19533BinomenPart of binomial nomenclatureConsists of a generic name for the genus and a specific epithet for a speciesThe hierarchical system of categories and the binomen name of the Genus speciesGives every living organism a unique Genus and species name4Binomial nomenclatureNames given in Latin grammatical formIntroduction of this naming process accredited to LinnaeusA proof for Darwins theory Common ancestryThe frequency of the genes start to change as biogeography becomes a factorImpact by the theory of continental driftThe study of the geographic distributions of plants and animals5BiogeographyBuffon is the Father of BiogeographyHe states that the organisms adapt to environmentIn area that climate is similar the species are differentStated that everything on the planet arrived in the same are and radiated away to the other areaProposed by CuvierSuggests that there was a major catastrophe that occurred to kill all these organisms said that these catastrophes occurred more than once6Catastrophe theoryThe reason for the extinction of many organismsOpposed by Buffon claiming that those organisms still exist in an unexplored area on the worldProposed by Schwann and SchleidenThe basic fundamental unit of all organisms is the cell7Cell theoryIndividual cells have all the characteristics of lifeAll cells come from the division of other cellsFor nonscientists8Chronological Used to foretell future eventspredictionEx horoscopes9CladogramA branching diagram in which the end points of the branches
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