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Keywords- Silurian and Devonian Periods.docx

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Silurian and Devonian KeywordsAgnathaIncludes jawless fish such as lampreys and hagfishCartilage based skeletons use of gillsEarliest vertebratesMuscular pharynx to suck in water containing food particles Alternation of GenerationsRepresents life cycle of plantsVaries between diploid sporophyte and haploid gametophyteAntheridiaA rounded gametangia mechanism by which plant holds gameteFlagellated sperm form in thisPresent in bryophyte gametophytes Exists in contrast to the archegonium which houses and protects the egg cellArchegoniaFlask shaped gametangiaEgg cell forms in thisHouses and protects egg cellPresent in bryophyte gametophytes ArthropodaSegmented body encased in exoskeletonIncludes crustaceans arachnids Coelom is greatly reduced has a haemocoel filled with blood like haemolymphMarine arthropods have gills for diffusionCompound eyesBony fishDeveloped before cartilagenous fishHave hard endoskeleton composed of bonesRely on diffusion of oxygen in water across gillsClosed circulatory systemsCartilagenous fishOccurred after bony fishHave endoskeleton composed of cartilageRely on diffusion of oxygen in water across gillsClosed circulatory systemsSee chondricthyesChondricthyesSharks and raysRepresents cartillagenous fish
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