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archean eonViroidsPathogens without a protein component they are pure RNA They are small molecules of RNA that act as RNA silencers They silence mRNA translation into proteins therefore proteins cannot be produced and the cell begins to die Human viroid Hepatitis D Accompanies Hep B virus replicates and packages itself when Hep B does Hides inside the capsid of Hep B virus that can replicate itself and is composed of RNA RNA worldPrionPathogens that do not have any heritable componentRNA or DNA Prions exist as a protein with a tertiary structure and can invert itself into the aberrantpathogenic form which is mostly composed of pleated sheets The aberrant form will induce normal prions to invert into the aberrant form As it inverts proteins they stick together and form branching fibres The ends of the fibres act as catalytic sites and can invert normal prions The fibres gown spontaneously and manifest themselves in vacuoles or spaces between cells They can become large enough to push cells apart Mainly effects the nervous system pushes nerve cells apart and destroys neural function mad cow diseaseIn the aberrant form they are very stable and immune to protease HeterotrophOrganisms that growbuild using carbon that already exists as part of an organic carboncarbon bond Absorbtive heterotrophOrganism which excretes enzymes into its external environment to digest organic materials which are then absorbedex fungi many protista and monera Ingestive heterotrophAn organism or protist that obtains its nutrients by injestive organic material and then digesting it AutotrophOrganism with a metabolic process that is capable of building organic carbon usingatmospheric carbon dioxideChemolithoheterotrophOrganism that use inorganic redox pairs as a source of energy and use inorganic carbon ChemolithotrophsOrganisms that use inorganic redox pairsiron oxide to trap the high energy electron and use the energy ChemoorganoheterotrophsOrganisms that use inorganic redox pairs as a source of energy and use organic carbon source ChemoorganotrophsChemoorganoOrganisms or metabolisms that use high energy organic bonds Chemoorganotrophsorganisms thatuse covalent bonds in organic chemicals as a source of energy Chemoorganoheterotrophs organisms that use covalent bonds in organic chemicals as a source of energy and use organic carbon PhototrophsOrganisms that use light energy to build carboncarbon bonds light energizes electrons into a higher state the energy is transferred through redox pairs used to build a gradient or high energy moleculesNADH etc
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