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BIO 1130KEY WORDSMajor Events of PreDarwinian Biology Sept 3Ages of Sandhttpeverything2comtitleFourAgesofSandhttpwwwhistoryofthemicroscopeorghanslippersheyinventedthetelescopephphttpwwwdouglasadamssestuffsandhtml1Hans Lippershayinvented first telescope in 1608The first time we were able to see that the Earth wasnt the centre of the universe look out into universe see the motions of the planets and developdesrcibeinvented calculuslinear algebra many mathematics2Van Leeuwenhoek Found out that there are tiny formations that make up our universe Spin glass into lens the invisible world of the microbes were visible for the first timeEX Transmission scopes the fluorescent scopes magnetic image residences that we use in health care3Fibre opticscomputersGiving us another type of perspective on how things can work with models and mathematical stimulations First computer chip binary code no or off transistors charged onuncharged in a sequenceSilica was able to do it create onoff and thousands could be used on silica can program onoff on silica This became smaller and smallerscientist then were able to do calculations that were beyond their general capacities and process more information and questionsthe computer chip allowed sharing of a knowledge base among scientist around the world that was not there before unless your library had that copy of it4Internet The forth way of communication which run on fibre optics manymany A whole new way of us to communicate Coke caneveryone else can seeacknowledge it Onemanyallowing the general public to acknowledge and get news but cannot do anything about itcrash in Indonesia The high speed transmission of information lightning fast transmission around the worldexperts in the same field could share info in their own labs What were you able to see not bias to the naturalphysical sciencesDouglas Adams saysSand was turn into glass glass was ground to create lens 2 Al Diawari Wrote the books of plantsplant developmentgrowthflower and fruit production Founder of the Arabic botany plant biologysciencesrdthth6 volumesonly 35 volume survived 6 being reconstructed based on citationThe book also talks about astronomyagricultureDescribes the characteristics of the skyplanetsconstellationsAtmospherical phenoma of thunderlightningwindprompt the classification of taxonomy4 AlJahiz 781869He was publishing his findings around 800Many of his quotes toys with the concept of evolution going against the scala that was commonly accepted in the scientific world AlJahizwasdescribingevolutioninthepiecehewroteHerecognizedthatthefactorsoutsideenvironmentalfactorscanhaveaneffectonanimalstobreednewtypes3 AlHazen 9651040Published a book on optics and light He outlined the proper way to observe the world He developed the scientific method that we still use today in natural scienceHEPROPOSEDStatesthattherearecertainstepstoaskaquestion1Observationobserveitunderalldifferenttypesofcircumstances2Stateproblemstatehowthatthingfunctions3Formahypothesisexplainswhatyousee4TestHypothesisdoanexperiment5AnalyzeResultsfromExperimentdiditgivemewhatIpredicted6InterpretDatatoFormConclusionyesstrengenedyouhypoth7PublicationofFindingswriteyourreport5 Aristotle WroteaboutgeologyphysicspurephilosophyonlogicnotsuperimportantCreatedthescalanaturaeToorganizeallthethingsinthelivingworldintosomecomprehensivepackageHeidentified3kingdoms1inanimatematterchemicalsrocksstoneselement2highertreesstrubslowerfungiplants3animalspersonificationofGod
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