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Mind Map PhanerozoicExtinctionsBackground extinction happen all the time one species is replaced by another or is unable to adapt after surviving a mass extinction Mass extinction must be more than 50Causes for mass extinction in general Astroids impactAn asteroid hits the earth sending up huge amount of debris and space dustcausing a change in temperature which caused extinction Original hypothesisdoesnt work for all extinctions because the craters from these impacts dontmatch up with the time periods of all the extinctionsElevated carbonGlobal warming associated with all 5From volcanos increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causing global warmingFrom flood basalts which a tears in the earth crust releasing large amount of magma and carbon dioxide This happens on hot spots where the mantle is thin and usually occurs with continents shiftingThis is much more likely as much more CO2 is released Gas hydratesMethane producing bacteria that live in the bottom of the oceans As they create methane because of the pressure of the water at that altitude is solidifies into liquid form could be used as a source of energy if brought up to the surface in a containment unit If water levels drop then the pressure on the methane reduced turn into methane gas and released into atmosphere Could allow for huge amount of methane to get into the air which is much more potent gas than carbon dioxide Marine anoxiaA reduction in the amount of oxygen in the oceans No oxygen no life andextinctions ensueSea level changesmelting of polar ice caps mean more water in the oceans could lead tomarine anoxia Reduction of water results in gas hydrates expelling hugeamount of methane Major extinctions who died who survived and whyEnd Cryogenian no fully considered an extinction could be reason for multicellular coming when it didSnow ball slush ball earth3 possibilities1The land masses reflected the light of the sun without warming the plant
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