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MycobacteriaLecture 6All mycobacteria have something in common they cause TB and lepercyCausative agents of leprosy and tuberculosisWaxy coatno gram stain and resistant to disinfectant They cant penetrate to C membrane and this is a problem because it is an important pathogen and its hard to cureAcidfast Bacilli Resist decolourisationUse ZiehlNeelsen staining techniqueStaining method stain is called carbol fuchsinMycobacterium TuberculosisChronic slow processing pulmonary infection transmission by aerosol dropletsObligate aerobe facultative intracellular parasite46 weeksto see colonies on a plate Extremely slow growthLowenstein Jenson MediumUse microscopy of sputum smears as first line of diagnosisLeading cause of death worldwide form a single infection Affects 17 billion per yearInfection develops in stages diagnosis needs to be prompt cant wait for colonies to appearTB used to be a big problem but increase in cases recently in poor countries and US and low income areasTodaySomeone is newly infected with TB bacilli every second Only 510 carry it and show symptomsPrimary TuberculosisAerosol inhalationBacteria Multiplication in alveoliMacrophage ingestion of bacilli and formation of 1 degree complex most get killed but lots survive And form primary complexFoci of infection in lungs kidneys and bonesCMI is fully active infection is stoppedbut some bacteria sit in the body like spores and nothing happens In some cases Some bacilli survive reactivation several years later and multiply in large numbersTb is common in the population we may carry it and not know it We dont know wat triggers the reemergingsPost Primary TuberculosisLate reactivation of lesions in lungs kidneys bones etcChronic infectionImmunity in TBCell mediated immunity is most important Tcells some ppl have been vaccinated some develop antigens to TB because of earlier exposureMantoux test Tuberculin protein solution is injected INTRADERMALLY wait 4272 hours and check for redness
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