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MicroBio lec 5 Midterm Gram Positive Bacilli bacteria that are rod shape and cylinder shape and purple stainedSpore forming rodsBacillus and clostridiumRelease of potent exotoxins causes diseaseBut when environment changes and becomes unfriendly they instantaneously change shape From rod shape to round shape with thick cell wall So this wall protects against bad environment and nothing can come in the bad thing about this is that it doesnt allow nutrients to come in therefore its not growing just there Only until the environment becomes favourable does it germinates and becomes normal again Does this all the time when environment isnt favourableThis makes it hard to control and kill off because they are very tough Bacillus anthracis special form of bacteria and look rod shape when actively growingCausative agent of anthraxUNIQUE protein capsule antiphagocyticAerobic growth conditions aerobic organisms and require oxygen to live onSpores are very stable resistant to heat UV drying and disinfectantsSpores germinate and toxins are madeHumans who are exposed to spores are usually in contact with animals or soilUsed in bio terrorism and warfareBacillus anthracis exotoxinsEncoded on pOX1 plasmidPlasmids contain virulence factors that which are transcribed optimally at 37 C increase CO2 and serum proteinsWhere are these conditions found Exotoxins composed of 3 proteins if for some reason these proteins are absent then bacteria is not able to make disease or illness
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