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Michael Jonz

Lecture 2EXAM VERSIONNovember2012330 PM CYTOSKELETON REGULATIONAccessory Proteinsmodify processesand cytoskeletal dynamics ex Dynamic instability treadmillingdynamic and under control of the cell AF MT IFForm higherorder structures ex Mitotic spindles Nucleation of MT by GAMMATubulin Protein Complexcentrosome MTOC of animal cells spindle pole bodies in yeastendGamma tubulin conserved protein forms ring structure with accessory proteins gamma tubulin complex that helps to initiate growth and formation by inducing nucleation at minus endPlant cytosol Microtubules then nucleate branching daughter microtubulesgammaTuRC accelerates MT formation The CentriolesCentrosomeCentrosome Near nucleusDivides and heads to poles of the cell to form mitotic spindles makes network2 centrioles and 9 triplets of microtubules embeddedanchoredOrganizes PCM Pericentriolermatrix material material that fills centrosomeInitiates MT assemblyLumen and PCM contains gamma tubulin microtubules grow from it in centrosomeNucleatedanchored from minus ends plus ends point outward undergo rescue and catastrophe and emanate in astral configuration Nucleation of AFcell periphery cortexwhere density is highestLocation related to AF function Determine shape and movementFacilitated by ABPS and ARPS actin binding and actin related proteinsRegulated by external signals allowing the cell to change shape and stiffness in response to external changesUnbranched initationFormindimer responsible for correct alignment and polymerization of actin subunitMore and more will be added each subunit is added at a specific angle forms a braided structure formin helps it get that wayEx Filaments of muscle cellsBranched initiation Actin filament branching gives shape to cells good at changing shapeARP 23 produce extensive branching
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