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University of Ottawa
Michael Jonz

Lecture 3EXAM VERSIONNovember2012331 PM CYTOSKELETON MOLECULAR MOTORSMotor ProteinsUse energy from ATP hydrolysis to produce mechanical force to more cargoBinds to cytoskeleton AF MT3 families myosins move AF kinesins move MTdyneins move MT Associate filaments through head region motor domain that binds and hydrloyzes ATP MyosinsMost eukaryotes1 2 5 plants 11 13 protozoa 14Head regions are always concerned motors at head work wellosometimes there are 1 or 2 myosin 2FunctionsConventional type 2 muscleUnconventional type 5 organelle transport kinesis dyneins Myosin 22 Heavy chains head tails 2 light chains essentialregulatory chainsCatalytic heads provide force active and energy consumingoBinds and hydrolyses ATP and walks to the plus endTail regions wrap around eachotherointeract with cargo and other tailsomediate dimerization with other myosinsLight chains amplify conformational change regulate head motionoBind close to head Myosin CycleDoesnt matter where you start cycleAttached1Bound to actin filament no ATPaRigor configuration lockedaRelease1ATP bound on the side furthest from the filamentaReduces the affinity of the head for actin change away from AFaCocked1Cleft closes around ATP shape changeaHydrolysis ADP and P still bound conformational change towardendaForcegenerating1Weak binding P release strengthens myosin to the filament power stroke ADP alost ADP allows for weak bindingAttached myosin head locked to filament in rigor formation regains original 1conformationMyosin goes to right plus end actin filament moves to the left
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