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University of Ottawa
Michael Jonz

Lecture 11EXAM VERSIONNovember23121226 AM PROTEIN SORTING NUCLEUS AND MITOCHONDRIABidirectional trafficProtein SortingSorting movement to approriate destinations compartmentsEukaryotic cells are compartmentalizedOrganelles needs specific proteins to functionSynthesized elsewhere in cytosol and transported sortedoAll begin by being synthesized on ribosomes in cytosol except mitochondria and plastidsoDestination depends on amino acid sequence sorting signalsSome dont have signal and stay in cytosol Movement of Proteins Between CompartmentsGated transport nucleusProtein traffic between cytosol and nucleusNuclear pore complex selective gate actively transports macromicromolecules and diffuses smaller moleculesTransmembrane transport mitochondria and ERMembrane bound protein translocators directly transport proteins across membrane from cytosol to topologically distinct spaceTransported protein will unfold to snake through translocatorinitial transport of proteins from cytosol to ER lumen or form the cytosol in mitochondriaVesicular transport secretory pathwayMembrane enclosed tranports intermediates ferry proteins from each compartmentTransport vesciles and fragments are loaded with cargo derived from lumen of one compartment as they pinch offfrom its membraneDischarge cargo into second compartment by fusing with itEx Transfer of soluble proteins from ER to golgi Signal Sequence or PatchAmino acid sequence that directs protein t specific destinationSignal sequence consecutive amino acid sequence at terminal end of proteinofrom cytosol to ER mitochondria chloroplasts peroxisomesoRemoved from the finished protein by signal peptidases once sorting process is completeSignal patch signal amino acids are internal to proteinospaced out patches form a signal patch when folded togetherrecognized by sorting receptors that guide proteins to their destination where receptors unload cargoNote Proteins that function in cytosol dont have sorting signals remain there Protein Sorting Between Cytosol and Nucleus
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