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Michael Jonz

Lecture 4EXAM VERSIONNovember2012332 PM CELL CYCLE Intracellular ControlWhy Control the Cell CycleComplex system of coordinated processes that mush occur in a specific sequenceIf performed incorrectly or out of sequence results may be catastrophicRegulatory proteins and biochemical switches control progression through the cycleSystem monitors intracellular and extracellular environments Classification of Cyclins and CdksMakes sure mitosis doesnt occur at another part of the cell cycle reduced to prevent replication at a different phase Cdks are Protein KinasesAbsence of cyclinactive site of cdk is blockedCdk binding allows the slab of protein to move away from active siteactivationfull activation when cak activating kinase phosphorylates amino acid near cdk active site conformational change increases activity of cdkkinase phosphorylates target proteins Intracellular ControlCdkcyclin complexes are molecular switches and controlDNA replication G1 cellsphase cellreplication in G1 nucleusChromosme segregationCell divisionCell proliferation Cdks Control the Cell CycleRegulate DNA replication mitosis cytokinesisMediates phosphorylation of proteins by transfering resulting in activation or inactivation dependent on cyclinkinase phosphorylates target proteinsCyclical activity changes in cdk are controlled by cyclins rises and fallsCdkcyclin complex activation triggers cell cycle eventsDNA replication scyclin in s phaseMitosis and cytokinesis mcyclin in m phase Activation of CdkcyclinIn order to get activation of cdk need cyclin and cdk activating kinaseoInactive cdk not bound with cyclinCyclin enters conformational change T loop induced by bindingPhosphorylation providing by cdk act kinase phosphate transferred from ATP to cdk by cak
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