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Lecture 1 - Cytoskeleton & Filaments.docx

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Michael Jonz

Lecture 1CytoskeletonFilamentsSeptember10121114 AM Sept 7th 2012KEYWORDS3 typesFilament construction protofilamentsNucleation phasestubulinactinTreadmilling critical concentration treadmilling range actin microtubulesDynamic instability catastrophe rescue microtubules concentrationKinetics concentration growth rateIntermediate filamentsIF types epithelial axonal Slide 1Cytoskeleton gives cell structureMicrofilamentactinblueMicrotubulespinkOccupy different regions of the cell and have different rolesPicture growing axon 3 TypesAll formed of helical assemblies of subunitsActin filament contains actin subunits2 stranded helical polymerThin cant stretch but can breakconcentrated in cortexdetermines shape and provides whole cell locomotionMicrotubules contains tubulin subunitsHollow cylinder rigid long straightHeld by longitudinal bonds and weak lateral bondsattached to MTOC centrosomedetermines positions of membrane enclosed organelles and direct transport important in nerve cells and keratin transport of important constituents in cellsIntermediate filaments Assemble by forming strong lateral hydrophobic contacts form rope like structuresprovide strength and resistance to stressPG 968 Filament ConstructionMade from subunits microfilaments to form filamentsSoluble subunit smallest element of structure that will not breakdown any further monomer or single actin protein
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