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Michael Jonz

Lecture 1EXAM VERSIONNovember2012328 PM CYTOSKELETONSoluble subunit smallest element of structure that will not breakdown any further monomer or single actin protein Filament ConstructionSubunits form filaments causes changes in cell shapeSignal nutrient source1Disassembly of filaments and rapid diffusion of subunits moves to a different part 1of the cellReassembly of filaments at new site1 Nucleationmolecule starts off the formation of multiple subunits to get filament startedExperiment units in test tubesaltSignalsalt induces nucleation increase in salinity increases activity of 1filaments Lag phase nucleation takes time2Elongation faster filament growth phase3Equilibrium phase formed microfilament losing and gaining subunits dynamic 4phaseY axistotal subunits 0100 total amount of subunits in cytoplasm to X axistime after salt addition before salt0Finite amount of subunits concentration becomes important TubulinSoluble subunit that forms tubulesHetero dimer 1 subunit with 2 parts alphaminus endbottom betaplus endtopBeta and alpha come together in every tubulin different molecules differ in formationRequires energy hydrolyses GTP only at plusbeta end because alpha binding site not available2 binding sites for GTP at top of alpha hidden and betaMicrotubules tubulin subunitsHollow cylinder rigid long straightHeld by longitudinal bonds and weak lateral bondsattached to MTOC centrosomedetermines positions of membrane enclosed organelles and direct transport important in nerve cells and keratin transport of important constituents in cellsProtofilaments13 Protofilaments form microtubulerings not sheetsoMultiple protofilaments increase thermal stabilityweak non covalent bonds oweaker than covalent bonds
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