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Bio3176 Chapter 7Crows choose certain size of whelks and certain number of drops to obtain the optimal foraging behaviourOystercatchers choose mussels of a middle size because the small ones are a waste of energy and the large ones require too much effortThe optimal foraging theory doesnt only apply to caloric intake It can also apply to survival when predators are around such as the dugongsThe theory also needs to take in to account the change in behaviour when predators are around Another example is the elk and wolvesGame theory can be used in sitatuions where individuals are competing against each other For example sitter flies vs roamers Why hasnt 1 behaviour gone extinct This is because it goes back and forth to which is more common like a seesawAnother example is the chiclid fish that are either right or left jawedOsprey nesting together is a Darwinian puzzle because it goes against game and optimality theory However learning occurs which make osprey much more capable h
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