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thSeptember 12 2012Lecture 3 Ch 4 p150160Neurons and Action Potentialsprevious classA Flashing CrustacueanSmall flashing light on the wall they last about 1 sec and occur every 3 seconds Upon closer inspection you find that the source of the light comes from a flea like crustacuean A few mm in length maybe even a single cell You decide to investigate further Flashing continues until its shaded from sunlight or do you not notice it anymore Youre prepared so you have all the equipment on you so you can do the required measurements and you notice that the membrane potential its 30mv and during the flashing phase it goes to 50mv and when the flash ends it returns to 30mv Whats happening in the membrane which ions are flowing through and if you were to take the flea into the lab how would you do your experiment to conclude your hypothesisAnswer to the flashing curstacean Potassium channels need to have opened up We test it by putting a drug that blocks the channel If youre gonna test the hypothesis you
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