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thSeptember 19 2012Lecture 5Cell PhysiologyTransmissionThe synapseChemical synapse has a synaptic cleft Electrical synapse has gap junctionsChemical Synapse has neutrotransmittersNeuronNeuron interactions NeuronEndocrine NeuronMuscleoEffector neuronskeletal muscle cellNeuromuscular junctionFor diff see slide 6 of lecture 5Varicosites ANS have little bulgesEnPassant have larger bulges than varicostesSpine Synapse is along the dendritesNeuronNeuron synapses arent always only an axon terminal and a cell body It can form at various places along the cell dendrites cell body axon etcReleases of neutroansmitter by exocytosisReach post synaptic membrane specific for the neutrotransNeuromuscular junctionResting membrane potential at 70mV and Eca2 nernst eq is 130mV both favoring Ca2 entry into the cell Calcium entry acts as a trigger in the vesicles This is the active zone high conc of all these vesicles waiting for a goahead signal the ca2For high efficience in a sustained matter presyn cells have 2 mechanismsoReserved amount of vesicles
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