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Biopharmaceutical sciences
Ivaylo Grouev

Globalization and Geopolitics: The Impact of September 11, 2001 By: Donald Snow - Most developed countries around the world have not condoned the events of September 11 and have joined the effort to put a stop to things like this. - There have been sentiments expressing that the US deserved this because they were arrogant and were brought down to earth (they are the most powerful country). - They are dominant economically and militarily - Most support of the anti-American support comes from the Middle East where they have been most resistant to globalization and economic and political change. → Globalization and Terrorism: - A main theme of globalization is openness, and the uninterrupted movement of people, products, and financial resources - Boundaries and manmade restriction must be reduced - To respond to terrorism we must close these boundaries though because terrorists prosper is open societies because they can carry out their missions in unrestricted environments without exposure Δ Globalization requires openness and terrorists find this openness necessary to carrying out their actions → Short Term Incompatibilities: - Modern society that has been shaped by globalization allows a country to thrive economically and technologically which leads to them being targets for attacks. - The openness of policies of immigration for instance due to globalization has made it easy to enter the US, made it easy to communicate globally which allow terrorists to create these plans. - The problem is that it is very expensive and time consuming to monitor all of the people entering and living in a country, thus leading to prospering terrorists → Long Term Incompatibilities: - Many suspected terrorist activities come from failed states in which there have been terrorist situation against their own population or foreign targets (mostly come from Middle East, Africa and Asia) - These places all have poor living conditions and oppression in common - The solution is to engage in state building with these countries - International companies are the key to globalization and they will not invest in unstable places such as these terrorist countries Globalization’s Democratic Deficit By: Joseph Nye There is a deficit of democracy in the global economy; this is an issue that has been protested at some majo
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