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BPS Midterm 1 notes

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University of Ottawa
Biopharmaceutical sciences

BPS MIDTERM 1 STUDY NOTESLecture 1Biopharmaceuticsstudy of the nature and properties of therapeutic substances and the relationship between thesedosages and bioactivityPharmaceutical sciences are a group of interdisciplinary areas of study involved with the designactiondeliverydisposition and use of drugs This includes prescription and natural health productsThe purpose of the pharmaceutical industry is to supply materialstechniques that are SUPPOSE to deliver good healthLongjevity has increased 30 years 5080 Major factors of this areClean watersteralized foodpasturized milkInfrastructuregarbagesanitization in schoolhospitalswork safety whimisbetter educationfurther knowledge on microbes and infectionsVaccines and antibacterial drugsNoteHealth care and health care spending not a major factorTop selling drugsTop 4Liptorcholesterol lowering 144 B AS IN BILLION Phizer made itAdvairAathma inhalant 61 B GlaxosmithkleinPlavixthrombotic events 61 B BristolMyers SquibbNexiumacid reflex 52 B AstrazencaTop 3 Companies Pfizer with 707 B New yorkAmericaJohnson and Johnson with 637 B New Brunswick in New jerseyAmericaNOT TO BE FOOLED FOR CANADA NBHoffmannLaRoche 439 B SwitzerlandBaselCanada in 2010 represented 3 of pharmaceutical sales top 10 78 is RD which is mostly owned by multinationals make new drugs RD manufacture brand name drugs which cost 72 on average and cost 812 B to make22 is Generic drugs which create me too drugs after RD patents are over their 20 year expiry dategeneric drugs must show bio equivalence making them as effective as brand name but cost on average 27 and only 10 M to makeResearch expense in 2010 is 12 B with 27000 jobsa and another 35000 indirectTop CANADIAN pharma companiesJohnson and JohnsonAstra ZencaswisspfizerBest Canadian selling drugsLiptor crestor cholesterol lowering astrazencaRemicade antiarthitic by schering GermanNew Trendsmultinationals and research intensive startup companiesMULTINATIONALSRD in north America and Europe scaled back and transferred to india and chinaManufacturing of drugs now done in Eastern EuropeChinaIndia and Ireland for cost reasons must maintain quality via GMP good manufacturing practicesClinical trialsnow done in Canada Health CanadaUS US food and drug agency and Europe The European agency to satisfy their regulations All final formulations and packaging is done in home countryResearch intensive startup companies small companies that single out a potential new serious canidate and build potential treatments based on academic research with academic research Need to partner with larger companies to grow In CanadaMontrealToronto Ottawa etc
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