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topic 7 Antibiotics.docx

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Biopharmaceutical sciences
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ANTIBIOTICSLec 10 I thinkHas tremendously increased life spanChanged the world pretty much Pple were scared of a simple cut because they could dieMost cures and treatment failedThe doctors were covered from head to toe and had a mask in form of a beakMiasma theory that bad smell caused the diseaseHad a whole bunch of aromas in the mask was believed that the aroma would counter the effects of the bad smellBefore penicillin birth giving was very dangerous because any infection would probably kill youPenicillin pretty much saved the worldSurgery gave you 70 chance of dyingMore soldiers were killed of infection rather than combatSTD malaria cholera dysentery Louis Pasteur develops pasteurization 1864 used knowledge that microbes caused disease as well as spoilage to improve milk if you heat milk at a low temperature you maintain milks flavour and kill the baceteria people debated this thought that heating milk destroyed nutrients wrongIdea of bad smell and god given diseases miasma was disproved in 1854 by John SnowEpidemiology scientific approac
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