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University of Ottawa
Biopharmaceutical sciences

Friday July 11 yDrugs 101BPS 1101life expectancy has been steadily risingprehistoric humans would have had an expectancy of 35archeological informationlast 150 yearshighest increase caused mainlyby scientific advancements death caused rom body shutting down not diseasequality of life increased as wellchronic infections malnutrition etcissues disappearingfive big reasons improved sanitation cleaner water refrigeration vaccines antibioticschlorine disinfects water and preserves class deals mainly with medicinal drugsolder drugs came from plantsearly and modern drugs are poisons the only difference between drug and poison is dose not all poisons are drugs all drugs are poisonspharmakon greek for drugpoisonlow doses of poisons make drugs benificalsome dosages must be higher for example insulin and salt January 13thOTC vs prescription 1Friday July 11 yBody size determines does small one pill big two pillAll drugs have side effectsPain reliever27 billionAspirin comes from SalicGenus willow poplar beech wintergreenwillow leaves used for painSalicylic acidgood for fever antipyretic Good for pain analgesicSwelling antiinflammatoryComes from willow bark salicinWaste productscoal tar waste of coal gas from coalCoal tar made into dye mauve Idea of artificiality emergesHoffman used a biological assaySensitivity fish gills vs stomachhbrand name vs chemical name acetasalicylic acid or aspirin Aspirin first artificial drugJanuary 15th 2013no difference from name brand and genericPrice divided by pills equals cost per pillNew pain killer2
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