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Biopharmaceutical sciences
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SPORTS 1Ben Johnson wins and loses gold oDrug invented by John Manson oStanozolol patentoHe used a Canadian drug 2Mark McGwire hits 70 home runs 3Barry Bonds hits 762 home runs 4Marion Jones surrender her gold medals 5Ancient Olympic athletes used potions and herbs oDope is a Zulu drink oHorses were doped to fix races oFirst doping teston horses oCycling was notrious for doping oEndurance was enhanced with dopeCaffeine cocaine nitroglycerine and strychnine6Thomas HicksoWins the 1904 marathon 7Adrenaline used as a drug in 1901oWas not ideal for sportsShort duration of action minutesRequired iv injections 8Gordon alles discovered amphetamine oDerived from adrenalineoWas a great decongestant oMethaphetamine in total waroCan push the body beyond its limits9Blitzkrieg required enduranceomethamphetamine 10Pervitin use discovered by the Allies 11Olympics restrict drug use in 1967oFirst done in GrenobleSympaticomimetic amines Amphetamines Central nervous system stimulants Strychnine Narcotics Heroin Cocaine Antidepressants Tranquilizers oDrugs band due to harmfulness to athletes 12People associated steriod with sports13Fritz Pregl and Oskar Zoth oInjected themselves with bull testicle extract oMeasured muscle strength using middle fingers 14Charles Eduard BrownSequardoInjected himself with macerated dog testiclesoApplied Similia similibusTreating an organ with itself Heart for courage Brain for idiocy BileBloodBone FecesIntestine 15Victor DLespinasse oTransplanted testicle tissue from donor to man who had lost his testicles 16Leo L Stanley physician at san Quentin oTransplanted testicles from executed prisoner into convicts to restore sexual function17First isolation of male sex hormone o40 kg of bull testicles 20 mg of testosteron oVery hard to getoTestosterone for inmate rehabilitation oAthletes began to use testosterone 18Soviets discover fundamental of steroid usedoSide effectsoTraining methods oTraining cycles 19Effects of extra testosterone 20Tried to make a steroid for sports with only ANABOLIC effects oDianabol in 1958oStanozolol in 196121Dr Manfred Hoppner oDirector of sports medicine east Germany swim teamoForced to take steroids 22Steroids banned by olympics 23East germany established doping lab in Kreischa oGained acess to testingprotocols and developed masquing techniques 24Steroids testing uses GCMS oFinding a drug in urine
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