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DrugsInTheBodyWhat happens to a drug in your bodyVery complex and when companies work to develop drugs there is a large amount of time spent on how the drug gets inchangesDurgs pass many barriers entering the bodyTurning the material into a product you can sell is very difficultGetting chemicals into the body is very hard We are engineered to avoid themIt has to pass through barriers and it removes part of the drug The more barrieris you have the fewer amount of drug will go in or will not go in at all Never get 100 of the drugMost drufs pass through digestive systemDeal with 3 organs sometimes kidney but the stomach intestine and the liverCompanies spend a lot of time worrying about how ti will go through these areasThe stomach is the first barrierDrug must survive acid Sicne acids are corrosive and destroy things the substance you are taking must have to survive the stomach This si the reason why most penicillin is synthetic Natural penicillin cannot withstand itDrug must dissolve in water It is very easy to make a drug that will not dissolve in water but very hard to dissolve them in water They easily dissolve in oil but companies msut do special thingsMost drugs absorbed by small intestineDrug must dissolve in watermain barrier aside from stomach acidDrug must survive digestive enzymesnot must of a barrierDrugs pass through intestinal cellsVery hard for a drug to go from one side of a cell to anotherVast majority of the drugs we consume stay in our intestine and majority stays in our intestineMolecules pass through membranes
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