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DrugsExam 2thLesson 1Feb 7Ben Johnsonchanged the attitude for enhancement drugsfastest man on the planet3 days after he was all over the news for using enhancement drugsSuspended 1 year from competitionTested positive again for roids therefore banned for life stanozololRecent phenomenon that we are concerned with drugs in sports Began with Ben Johnson in 1988 Suspended from competition in 1988 second offense in 1993 he was banned for lifeDrug he used was invented by John MansonJohn Mansonscientist that invented stanozololCanadian drugCanadian scientitistMark McGwirehit 70 home runs in 1 seasonused creatine and drosinome was a OTC drug that was legal back thenBarry Bondshits 762 home runsa year later his contract expirednever proven that he used roidsHis ties with specific companies caused suspicion but never provenMarion Jonessurrenders gold medals for using roids3 gold medals and 2 bronzeWent to jail for lying about the roidsHer husband was tied with same company as BondsOlympics in ancient Greeceathletes used roids so that the show was betterathletes were encouraged to take drugs herbs potionsSocially acceptable to take PED wanted best show possibleAthletes kept quiet about ways no giving away any edgesZulu warriorsconsumed a beverage called DOPDop is a beverage that makes them stronger aggressive and more courageous alcoholmild hallucinogenic Afrikaans doopEnglish Dope origination of the nameDoping race horsespeople doped horses to make them slower so they can bet on the other horsetherefore fix races soracetracks started doing dop test on horses looking for cocaine and alcoholCycling was notorious for doping any endurance eventsgood thing People wanted to see the best race possibleenhance enduranceocaffeineococaineoalcoholonitro glycerineostrychnineonly one that actually helps poisonOlympic marathon1904 in St Louistemperature above 40100 humidityDirt roadsNot every athlete had shoesIdea that if you drank to much water you would get crampsThomas HicksoCollapse so his trainer got him up to get him running againoGave him brandy egg whites strycnine rat poisonhelped him to start runningoWon the race but collapse took an hour to reviveotrainer believed the drugs saved himAdrenalineused as drug in 1901used for short periods of time boxingrequired injectionGordon Alles1929discoverers amphetaminelonger lasting adrenalineused on himselfodecongested his noseoused for cold symptomsside effects kept you awakegermans used this side effect to their advantageMethamphetamine in warBlitzkriegPervintinas endurance drug
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