BPS 1101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ulf Von Euler, Humphry Davy, Drug Discovery

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Macau (hong kong) life expectancy: 84. 4 years. Canada life expectancy: 81. 2 years old (lowest swailzland 31. 9: improvements over last 150 years (in 1850 started apply scientific things to everyday life, improved health due to: improved sanitation, clean drinking water, refrigeration, vaccination, and antibiotics. Dracucculiasis: guinea worm, water born infection (worm lives in muscles and works to try to get back into water, secretes chemical pain) Penicillin (reduction of maternal mortality rate from 30% ~0%) North american drug market (2009: prescription drugs billion, over the counter drugs (otc) billion, united states (fda) produces and consumes almost half (49. 1%) of the world. World drug markets drug market, although canada only 3. 8%. Only the dose makes the poison": the amount that you deal with, not the substance itself, will cause the difference between a poison or a drug. Pharmakon: greek word that means both drug and poison.

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