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Usability = learn it fast & get the job done easily. Reusability = reprogramming; parts of it can be used in other projects. Customer = solve problems at an acceptable cost (money paid/resources used) User = easy to learn, efficient to use, help get work done. Developer = easy to design, easy to maintain, easy to reuse its parts. Development manager=sells more/ please customers & cost less to develop/maintain. Different qualities can conflict=increase efficiency->reduce maintainability or reusability or increase usability -> reduce efficiency. Setting objectives=design to meet objectives; avoid over engineering" waste $ Traditional: develop all requirements->design all->test all and deploy. *most projects are evolutionary or maintenance = work on legacy systems. Adaptive projects=changing the system in response to changes in(os, database, rules) Green field projects: new development, the minority of projects. Real time embedded software: control and monitoring systems, react immediately, safety often a concern. Date processing software: used to run business, accuracy and security of data are key.

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