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CLT1120Exam ReviewUnit 9 Possessions and relations WELSH ENGLISHMae gen I Ive got a Mae gynnon niWeve got a Does gen i ddimI havent got a Does gynnon ni ddim We havent got a carOes gen ti Have you got a Oes gynnoch chi Do you have a Oes yesNac oes noWELSH ENGLISHMae gen I un hoganIve got one daughterun hogyn Ive got one sonMae gynnon ni ddwy hoganWeve got two daughtersddau hogynWeve got two sonsDoes gen i ddim plantI havent got any children Oes gen ti gynnoch chi blant Do you have children Oes Nac oesYesNo WELSHENGLISHMae gynno fo giHes got a dogMae gynni higathShes got a catMae gynnyn nhw blantTheyve got kidsDoes gynno fo ddim problem He hasnt got problemDoes gynni hi ddim pres She hasnt gotDoes gynnyn nhw ddim amsertimeThey havent got Oes gynno fo giDoes he have a dogOes gynni hi gath Does she have a catOes gynnyn nhw blantDo they have any kidsOESNAC OESYesNoDeialog A Oes gynnoch chi blantB Nac oes does gynnon ni ddim plantOnd mae gynnon ni lawer o anifeiliaidA Faint o anufeiliad sy gynnoch chiBMae gynnon ni ddwy gath a dau giOes gynnoch chi anifeiliaidA Oes a nac oes mae gynnon ni dri hogyn a dwy hoganB Wel does gynnoch chi ddim llawer o amser sbar taA Nac oes does gen i ddim amser sbar ond mae gen i gur penDialog A Do you have childrenB No no weve have no children But we have a lot of animalsA How many animals do you haveB Weve got two cats and two dogs Do you have any animalsAYes and no we have three boys and two girlsB Well you dont have a lot of free time yeahA No I have no spare time but I have a headache Unit 10 Revision and extensionWELSH ENGLISHOes gen ti ddiddordebau Have you got any interestsOesNac oes YesNoDw in hoffi nofioI like swimming Lle wyt tin mynd i nofio Where do you go swimmingDw In mynd Ir ganolfan hamddenI go to the leisure centerEfo pwy wyt tin mynd I nofioWho do you go swimming withDw In mynd I nofio efo I go swimming with a friendffrind ar fy mhen fy hunon my own WELSHENGLISHOes gynnoch chi amser Haveyou got timeOes gynnoch chi ddigon o amserHave you got enough timeOes gynno fo bresHas he got moneyOes gynnoch fo ormod o bres Has he got too much money Mae gen ddigon o blroblemauIve got plenty of problemsDoes gynnon ni ddim digon o leWe havent got enough roomspaceMae gynnoch chi ormod I waithYouve got too much workDoes gynnyn nhw ddim gormod o waith They havent got too much work WELSH ENGLISHFaint o blant sy gynnoch chiHow many children do you haveMae gen I ddau o blantI have two children Mae gen I hogyn a hoganI have one son and one daughter Mae gen I ddau hogyn a dwy hogan I have two sons and two daughtersMae gen I dri hogyn ac un hogan I have three sons and one daughterWELSH ENGLISHSut maer tywyd heddiw Whats the weather like todayMae hinrhy boethIts too hot rhy heulogtoo sunny rhy wyntog too windyWELSHENGLISHSut oedd y What was the weathertywydd ddoe like yesterdayRoedd hin oer iawnIt was very coldstormus iawnvery stormy wlyb iawn very wet Y presennol Present TenseCadarnhaolNegyddolCwestiwn AffirmativeNegativeQuestions Dw In mynd Dw I ddim yn hoffi nofioDw In mynd I siopaallanI dont like going Im going shoppingIm going outswimming Rwyt tinDwyt ti ddim ynWyt tinYou areYou dontAre youMae onDydy o ddim ynYdy on
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