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Chemical Engineering
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QUESTION 1 10 MARKSa 4 MARKS Write out the full name for the following acronymsTLV Threshold Limit ValueK Octane water CoefficientOWK Soil Sorption Coefficient OCFEI Fire and Explosion indexb 2 MARKS Name two roles or responsibilities of Chemical engineers in chemical process Safety1Moderate 2 Prevention of Accidentsc 1 MARK Provide one reason why Bill C45 in an important bill for the Canadian Chemical process industryBecause it will motivate individuals with authorities to make workers safety their number one priority since they could face criminal charges and penalties if workers are harmedd 2 MARKS what is the incident pyramid and what does it tell youIt is a hericay that depicts the severity of an incident and their relative occurrence e 1 MARK Provide one reason why classification criteria are usefulBecause it translates numbers or ranges of numbers to different or more specific meanings that will provide better understanding for the readerQUESTION 2 8 MARKSa4 MARKS you have been given portable mug made of bisphenolA BPARank in order of increasing leaching rate of BPA the following drinks for your mug Cold 4 C coffee note that coffee is acidic Cold 4 C water hot 50 C water hot 50 C milkCold waterCold coffeehot waterhot milkb4 MARKS Justify your ranking of each liquid by commenting on one of its properties that affects the BPA leach rate
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