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1 An organic compound was found to contain only C H and ClWhen a 1499 g sample of the compound was completely combusted in air 206 L ofCO g was 2collected over water at 25C and 700 mm HgIn a separate experiment the chlorine in a 100 g sample of the compound was converted to 1414 g of AgClDetermine the empirical formula of the compoundVapour pressure of water at 25C is 2376 torr AnswerFor CnPVRT007495 moles CO2007495 moles of C007495 moles C x 1201 g Cmol09001 g C in the sample or 090011499 g sample0600056005For Cl1414 g AgCl x 1mol14332 g AgCl0009866 moles AgCl0009866 mol Cl0009866 mol Cl x 3545 gClmol034976 g of Cl in the sample or 034976 gCl100 g sample034983498Since the only other component is H there must be 100641314 H497For a 100 g sample there would be6005 g C497 g H3498 g Clor6005 x 1mol1201 g50 mol C497 g x 1mol101 g492 mol H3498 g x x 1mol3545 g0987 mol ClFormula C50H492Cl0987Dividing by 0987 500987506 497098786498 098709871FormulaC5H5Cl1
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