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DiscussionACrIIIIn this experiment when theas a function of time is graphed as a linear plot it means that it is a first order reaction In the results of the experiment the plot for all three pH values returned linear Meaning that it meets the demands as a pseudo firstorder reaction for all experiments conducted just as predicted from the literature value The plot for the log rate as a function of log CrIII all yielded a linear relation which hints at firstorder But this was only confirmed when the slope for all three graphs were as a result of rise over run 0050051 gave a value of one This means that the partial order of the CrIII as described as the literature values Meaning that the results made from the conducted experiment correlates with the generally accepted values Although the results were proven true there were still a handful of error that severely affected the experiment One of the biggest errors made was an uncontrollable variable Temperature While the attempt was made to keep the temperature constant during the experiment the temperature dropped a few degrees This
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