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Experiment 1 - Determination of the Composition of an Alloy.doc

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Nathaniel Leslie 7407175September 18 2013Experiment 1 Determination of the Composition of an AlloyObservationsDataResultsTable 1 Data and Results in the Determination of the Composition of an AlloyDataTrial 1Trial 2Mass of magnesium g0021800233 GuptaVolume of water in graduated cylinder mL395361Volume of water in eudiometer mL412402Difference between above volumes mL017041Volume of hydrogen gas mL2532266 GuptaVolume of hydrogen gas after calibration mL2503NAaHeight of water column cm257234 Gupta3Density of water kgm10002Acceleration due to gravity ms98Pressure of water column kPa252229 GuptabWater temperature C2424 GuptaWater vapour pressure kPa298298Atmospheric pressure7556 mm Hg1007384 kPaPressure of hydrogen gas kPa95249547cRoom temperature C25Ideal Gas Constant R LkPamolK8314543Actual moles of hydrogen gas mol96161010210d44Theoretical moles of hydrogen gas mol8971095910ePercent yield of H from Magnesium 107107f2Unknown alloy number 2186Mass of alloy g0042300425Volume of hydrogen gas mL19902483
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