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PSY1101I Midterm 1 Practice QuestionsInstructionsThese practice questions will help you prepare for your first midterm exam There are a few things you should be aware of aSometimes more than one answer will be correct Try not only to find the right answer but to be able to explain why each other options are incorrect bStudy before you try these practice questions Otherwise youre just learning the answers to these questions not testing your knowledge of the material overallcDo the practice questions with your notes and text closed as though you were really taking an exam d Although there are some questions here that are not multiple choice all questions on your midterm will be multiple choice and will have only one correct answer eAnswers are provided at the end of this file Questions1You are a kindergarten teacher You notice a difference in the reading ability between two students in your class and wonder if the differences are biologically or experientially determined As psychologists we would term your concern as being an issue ofagenetics versus behaviourism bstructuralism versus functionalismcnature versus nurturedempiricism versus dualismeevolutionary psychology versus experimental psychology2When you are walking down the street at night yourallow you to see aConesbGlial cellscRodsdBipolar cellseOlfactory cells3Which of the following statements is true aGlial cells provide support for neuronsbMyelin slows down neural communicationcThe spinal cord is part of the peripheral nervous system dDuring an action potential sodium rushes into the axon eAll of the above4Dr Klein is a cognitive psychologist He most likely studiesaHow people learnbHow people interact with one anothercPatterns of developmentdHow people remembereHow natural selection can be used to explain behaviourfPeople with mental illness
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