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Lab 3Enthalpy of Various ReactionsStimulated By Joan Mathew7237536Partner Camila Gomez6864654CHM1311 D Section 3Demonstrator Ali CastleOctober 9 2013Department of ChemistryUniversity of OttawaIntroductionThis experiment is based on the important theories of thermochemistry such as enthalpy of formation neutralization and solution and specific heat capacityEnthalpy H is best described as the total energy of a system at constant pressure Delmar Then change in enthalpy occurs when the system undergoes a reaction and is represented by the equationHHHfinalInitial1In an endothermic reaction H would be positive as heat is absorbed On the contrary when heat is lost it is called an exothermic reaction where H is negative In part one of the experiment the specific heat capacity energy gained or lost and molar mass needs to be calculated The specific heat capacity is the amount of heat energy that can raise the temperature per unit of mass g Helmenstine The relationship between mass heat and temperature is expressed QmcT 2Where Q is the energy of heat J m is the mass g c is the specific heat capacity and T is the total temperature of the system To determine the molar heat capacity of the metal the following equation is needed Molar Heat CapacitySpecific Heat Capacity x Molar Mass30This is true when the molar heat capacity if a constant 25 Jmol C and standard state In part 2 of the experiment the enthalpy of neutralization per mole of water is needed to be calculated Qm x m x TNtotalsoln4Where as mentioned previously m represented the mass if grams T is the total temperature and Q is the energy in joules Therefore HQmoles oh HON2In part 3 the experiment will ask for the Enthalpy of Dissolution per mole of salt In this part equation 5 will be used HqHOmoles of saltqsaltmoles of salts25ProcedureAs written in the University of Ottawa General Chemistry CHM 13011311 2013 lab manual pages 3438
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