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Introduction Speeds of chemical reactions vary such as the conversion from diamond to carbonate which takes over one hundred years opposed to the reaction of milk going back which takes two and a half weeks In this experiment we will investigate the way in which the rate of a chemical equation depends on the concentration of the reactants This is known as order of the reaction The rate of a reaction can be expressed asnmKABThe k value refers to the proportionality constant n and m refer to the order of the reaction with respect to A and B Order of reaction is determined experimentally To find the order of the reaction in this lab we will measure the absorbance of pH values of 40 45 and 50 EDTA with Chromium III saltUsing the spectrophotometer we will be able to find the percent transmittance at certain times One we find these values we can determine to Abundance by using the following equationAlogT Here T is not a percent value but in decimal form in order to find that divide the transmittance oby 100 At the end of the experiment we will heat our solutions in 100C water for 10 minutes which will give us the value of absorbance at infinite time This reading represents the complete absence of CrIII ion as it has all been converted to the CrIIIEDTA complexWe can use this value to find the amount of unreacted CrIII at any time according to the equation ACrIIIAinfinityAtAt time zero we would find that we have only CrIII in solution and at time infinity we would find we have no CrIII which is consistent with the physical reality of the experiment
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