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University of Ottawa
William Ogilvie

ndCHM 1321 prof S Gambarotta 2 MidtermApril 2 2009 Your Name StudentYour course TA Steve Derek MarcExercise key Exercise key 116217318419520621722823924102511261227131415 1 Please deliver only this page You can keep the text Scratch paper is at the end 2 Solution key will be posted today 3 Marks will be posted on Virtual Campus gradebook ASAP 4 This is an Open BOOK exam You can use your models and textbook Page 1 butyl chloride with 10 M NaOH in a mixture of water and methanol would 1 Heating tertyield mainly A CHCOH through an S1 reaction 33NB CHCOCH through an S1 reaction 333NC CHCOH through an S2 reaction 33NCOCH through an S2 reaction D CH333NE CHCCH through an E2 reaction 2322 Which of these compounds would give the largest E2S2 product ratio on reaction with Nsodium ethoxide in ethanol at 55C A CHCHCHCHCHCl 32222BCDE CHCCHCl 3323 Elimination reactions are favored over nucleophilic substitution reactions A at high temperatures butoxide ion is used B when tertC when 3 alkyl halides are used as substrates D when nucleophiles are used which are strong bases and the substrate is a 2 alkyl halide E in all of these cases Page 2
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