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IntroductionDistillation is a method used to separate two or more compounds This is done by working on the differences in their boiling points In this lab both simple and fractional distillations will be observed and recorded The extraction of compounds will then be observed using water soluble dyes to mark organic and aqueous layersProcedure and ObservationsPart A Simple DistillationProcedureThe apparatus was set up as described on page 18 of the lab manual clamps were added to hold the apparatus in placeAfter setting up the apparatus 50mL of a 5050 mixture of 2propanol and 1butanol was added to the distillation flask using a long stem funnelBoiling chips were added before turning on the heating devices and slowly distilling the solutionTemperatures were recorded as observed after every 1mL of distillate was collected until a total of 24mL of distillate had been collectedObservationsVolume of DistillateTemperatureVolume of DistillateTemperature851001 ml13 ml2 ml8814 ml983 ml8915 ml954 ml9116 ml955 ml9217 ml946 ml18 ml93957 ml9419 ml958 ml9520 ml979 ml9621 ml9410 ml9822 ml9311 ml23 ml9984
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