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Lab 3 Reduction of 3NitroacetophenoneIntroductionExtraction This method uses a different technique in which the two chemical compounds being separated are in immiscible solvents also known as phases By using a separatory funnel one phase is separated from the other leaving the impurities behind The following lab will explore the pivotal role oxidation and reduction reactions play in chemical transformation In an organic oxidation the compound typically loses hydrogen atoms In reduction the compound gains hydrogen atomsA commonly used reducing agent Sodium Borohydride NaBH will be used to reduce 3Nitroacetophenone and with the actual 4theoretical and percent yield of the following reaction will be calculatedMechanism for Reducing 3Nitroacetophenone with Sodium BorohydrideIn the presence of the carbonyl group the sodium borohydride delivers H to its target functional groupProcedure and ObservationsTable of reagentsCompound Mol Wt Amountg or Density gmLMolesmolgmolmL165 gmol05 g0750030 molNaBH377 gmol009 g0140024 mol4Ethanol46 g mol605 mL0911313 mol105 g of 3nitroacetophenone is measured using a folded piece of weighing paper and placed in in a 50 mL round bottom flask2A magnetic stir bar was carefully placed in the flask and the starting material was dissolved in absolute ethanol using gentle stirring Stirring the mixture is necessary to ensure that most of the starting material has dissolved380mg of sodium borohydride is added to the reaction flask in 3 equal portions waiting approximately 2 minutes between additions Once the addition is complete stirring continues for 15 minutes
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