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1. (4 points) Determine the point group to which each of the following molecules belongs: Point Group l C - e B - l C . a D ∞h . b C 4v F F F S F Cl F . c D 2h H H C C H H . d C 2 Cl H C Cl H 2. (2 points) A molecule is chiral if it has no symmetry (other than E) or if it has only a proper rotation axis. What two point groups do these symmetry characteristics correspond to? C 1and C n 3. Write the 3 x 3 transformation matrix that represents the effect of 2n S operation on a set of x, y, and z coordinates. (3 points) −1 0 0     0 −1 0   0 0 −1   4. (8 points) Determine the irreducible representations corresponding to the xy, xz, z , and pyorbitals on the central atom of a molecule in the2h point group. Please write your answers in the character table below. (It is not necessary to show your derivations. You may use the back of one of the exam pages for your scratch work.) C 2h E C 2 i σ h 1 1 1 1 xy 1 -1 1 -1 xz 1 1 -1-1 z 1 -1 -1 1 y 5. (6 points) (In the left column of the character table for t3h D point group below, write the symmetry labels corresponding to each of the irreducible representations. D 3h E 2C
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