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CHM4317 Organometallic Midterm Study Notes

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CHM4317OrganometallicMidtermBondingTheoryReviewforOrganometallicSigma interactiondirect s orbital overlapPi interaction p orbitals side by sideIn phaseBonding Out of phaseantibondingIncommensurate orientationnonbondingBond Order bondingantibonding2O2 is a triplet stateEN elements have more of that atoms characterCyclic H3 vs linear Effective Atomic Number Rule Donor Pair vs Radical Method Acceptor ligands CO CNR CN alkenes alkynes Sigma donation to metal pibackbonding into anti bonding orbital of ligandIR More electron rich Mmore backbondinglower CO Vibration Bridging COs lower vthan terminalco More metal pibasicity lowers vCO Isoelectronic isonitriles CNR are better sigmadonors and poorer piacceptors stabilize low oxidation states CN stabilize higher oxidations statesMetal carbides can act as ligandsBond lengths are longer with trans donor ligand MCMCMtripleC
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