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UOTTAWACHM 1301Rashmi VenkateswaranFall

CHM 1301 Study Guide - Fall 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes - Molar Mass, Reagent, Chemical Formula

OC68337325 Page
This course is called introduction to general chemistry and its course code is chm 1301. It is offered in the fall term of 2018 and is intended mainly
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UOTTAWACHM 1311Darrin RichesonFall

CHM 1311 Study Guide - Silver Iodide, Phenolphthalein

OC31163510 Page
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CHM 1311 Study Guide - Umber, Phenolphthalein, Tums

OC2863829 Page
If any of the above information is unclear or not provided, your grade will not be recorded! Checklist: attached attached: raw data sheet written in pe
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UOTTAWACHM 1311Gambarotta SandroFall

CHM1311 Final: Lab Report - Acid/Base Titrations

OC68356324 Page
Determination of the mass percentage of acid in a. Graphs: attach logger pro data tables and graphs (at least 12 [2 per trial]) to this form! Calculati
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UOTTAWACHM 1321Greg FlynnFall

CHM 1321 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Benzene, Solvent, Steric Effects

OC4127609 Page
Procedure: place 0. 99 g of acetanilide was in a clean 25 ml round bottom flask. Stir for 3 minutes then continue with reaction: cool the acetanilide s
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UOTTAWACHM 1311Natalie GotoFall

CHM 1311 Study Guide - Final Guide: Titration, Sodium Hydroxide, Peter Chen

OC3817247 Page
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UOTTAWACHM 1321AllSpring

CHM 1321 Study Guide - Silica Gel, Chemical Polarity, Elution

OC28638210 Page
Chromatography is a useful tool in chemistry and can be very helpful in determining the composition of an unknown sample. In chromatography there are t
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UOTTAWACHM 1321William OgilvieWinter

CHM 1321 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Electronegativity, Benzyl Acetate, Lab Report

OC35844314 Page
The purpose of part a is to learn how to identify the components of an unknown mixture, using thin layer chromatography (tlc). This is where a layer of
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UOTTAWACHM 1311Gambarotta SandroFall

CHM1311 Final: Lab Report - Equilibria

OC68356311 Page
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UOTTAWACHM 1321William OgilvieSpring

CHM1321 Final: chem lab 4

OC4374848 Page
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UOTTAWACHM 1311Wendy PellFall

CHM 1311 Study Guide - Final Guide: Skimmed Milk, Ammonia, Silver Iodide

OC4139445 Page
[cu(h 2o) 4] 2+ (aq) + 4 nh 3 (aq) [cu(nh 3) 4] 2+ (aq) + 4 h 2o (l) Cuso4 has a light blue colour in its liquid form. Distinct smell from nh3, causing
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UOTTAWACHM 1311Gambarotta SandroFall

CHM1311 Final: Lab Report - Chemical Kinetics

OC68356329 Page
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