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Final Notes for CLA 1101

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1 Oedipus RexGenealogy AresAphroditeHarmoniaCadmusEchionAgavePolydorusNycteisJocastaLaiusOedipusJocasta his mom IsmeneAntigoneEteoclesPolynicesZeusDionysusHeraklesPerseusPentheusEuropaSemele The Plays of the House of OedipusSophocles c 496406 BCEoThe ThebanplaysoOedipus the King c 429 BCEoOedipus at Colonusc 401 BCEoAntigone c 442 BCE Euripidies c 480406 BCEoPhoenician Women c 410 BCEoThe Suppliants c 423 BCEAeschylus c 525456 BCEoSeven Against Thebes 467 BCEopart of a trilogy Laius Oedipus Whats in a nameoOedipusswollen footoOther linksoOidato knowoOideto swelloPousfoot The BackgroundOedipus as HerooBirth at Thebes divine lineageoExposure at birthoExchange by the shepherdsoGrows up far from home CorinthoMerope and PolybusoJourneyoKills his father LaiusoReturns home ThebesoDestroys the Sphinx PhocisoMarriage to mother JocastaoBecomes the King of ThebesoOikos destroyed polis renewedoExile from ThebesoOedipus suffering AristotleoSupernatural death Oedipus at Colonus The JourneyoCorinthoDelphi 698oDaulia 698oThebes The RiddleoWhat walks on four legs in the morning on two legs at noon and on three legs in the eveningManoHuman beings are chained to this progressionoHumanity as a riddle can humans know themselvesoOedipus assumes the penalty of the ThebansoNegotiation with an immortal beingoThe sphinx has been destroyed but now Oedipus must face the answer to the riddle implicity himselfoFate and Phusis natureoCuriosity Curiosity Killed the Cat Painting of Oedipus and the SphinxThe 5 OraclesFatephusisoOracle 1 to Laius his sonoOracle 2 to Oedipus his fateoOracle 3 to Creon pollution in ThebesoOracle 4 to Oedipus his deathoOracle5 to Thebans bones of OedipusWhat is an OracleFatephusisoZeusApollopythiathe priestsyou Like telephone gameoA gift from the gods so a curseoA link between mortals and immortals the fives ages of manoYou seek to know more than you know know thyselfoYour words are just but to compel the gods in what they do not wish no man can do I 269270Aristotle 384 322 BCEThe finest form of Discovery anagnoresis is one attended by Peripeties peripeteia like that which goes with the Discovery in Oedipus PoeticsAnagnoresis a recognitiona chance from ignorance to knowledge and thus to either love or hate in the personages marked for good or evil fortunePeripeteia A reversalA Peripety is a change from one state of things within the play to its oppositein the probable or necessary sequence of events Sigmund FreudHis destiny moves us only because it might have been oursbecause the oracle laid the same curse upon us before our birth as upon him It is the fate of all of us perhaps to direct our first sexual impulse towards our mother and our first murderous wish against our father
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