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LETTER FOR TODAYPhi for Pheidias the F letterChi for choragic monument PG 137also the number for 1000 Some Mythical BirthsAthenaAphroditeHelen Death in childbirth was 13Women could be as young as 14 and men 30 They could be uncles cousins and women were the property of the men They were expected to produce heirsWomen were expected to stay at homeFetching water gave women a chance to socializeReligious festivals gave them another chance to socialize Women and FestivalsEleusianian Mysteries DemeterPanathenaia AthenaThesmophoria Demeterfall festival when the crops were planted Women would ndrdcamp out for 3 days On the 2 day they fasted and the 3 they retrieved objects that had been buried earlier in the year and they had associations with fertility deceased piglets and clay models of penises Aristophanesthe playwright may it the subject of one of his comediesBrauronia ArtemisTook place in Attica It was a coming of age for girls before marriage Men dominated all aspects to life InfancyExposureleaving a newborn sick infant outside the city to die sick or deformed Sometimes could be raised as a slaveAmphidromia Father would take the baby and parade the baby around the hearth and name them thereBoys were goodthey planned the funerals and they were a form of old age pensionChildren were weaned at 3AnthesteriaMost resembles Halloween3 years olds were given wine jugs to show they were weaned and could drink very watered down wine instead of milk Father of MedicineHippokrates of KosModern medical vocab is nearly entirely GreekHe separated healing from religion AsklepiosSon of Apollo omphalosGod of healingUnusual birthhis mother cheated on Apollo so she was incinerated and he handed the baby over to the centaur to be raised and he taught him how to healHad 2 daughtersHygieia and PanaceaSaid to have raised the dead with Gorgon blood controversial as to who it was and the blood was given to him by Athena Blood came from Medusa who was killed by PerseusHe was a hero who became a god Healing in the AsklepieionIncubation in the abaton sleepover where the patients had a dream often when Asklepios visited them in the form of a snakeSnakes and dogssnake shed their skin and snakes and dogs both have curing properties dogs mainly for wounds which were the most commonPG 161they are dedications by patients who have been cured Offering of silver or god casting of whatever was healed Eye diseases were most often times curedEpidauros has a strange round building with a fancy floor One interpretation is that is where the sacred snakes were kept for healingPergamonTwo circular building one is where the patients would sleep over It had a small theater while Epidauros had a bigger theatreHad tunnels with holes in the roof Priests would sprinkle power on their head when they paraded through the tunnelsAmphiaraospg 160 More Grave TalkGraves could mark graves as well as statues and vasesLate Bronze Age stelepg 45Dexileospg 180 first tombstone to have a dateAmpharetepg 140 the grandmother and child were buried together and put on the stone Honouring the DeadLibations of olive oilWhite ground lekythosWreathsGrave offeringsPG 183 VERY Early EducationParents were primary educatorsWomen taught daughters how to manage the household and making textiles
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