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Classical Studies

Lecture 19 Life PrivateIntellectual1Place for the chorusorchestra2Producer of a playchoregos3First actorThespis4Writer of tragedies about womenEuripides5Where the audience sattheatronPhi is for Pheidiasa famous sculptor Goldivory statues of Athena Parthenos p126 and Zeus of OlympiaThe FamilyInfant mortality1 in 3Mother is 14 father is 30Father is likely mothers counsin or uncleArranged marriageWomen were expected to produce heirs supervise slaves supervise food prep making of clothing stay at homeWomenReligious Festivals Eleusinian Mysteries Demeterfor all Greeks MalefemalePanathenaia AthenaAppeared in Panathenaic procession carrying things like hydras Athenas birthday Peplos made by womenThesmophoria Demeterexclusively female festival Held all over Greek world rdMeanings carrying treasures 3 day festival Fasteddays 3 day they dig up terracotta models of penises pigletsSymbols of fertility Took place in falloAristophanesmade Thesmophoria subject of one of his comedies Where women who participated in Thesmophoria hold a sex strike to get men to stop waging warBrauronia Artemisabout rite of passage Exclusively for females Comingof age festival for girls before marriageRole of fatherExposureif sickly they would be left out to dieAmphidromiaif child was a boy father would be proud Newborns not named for first few days since they would not often survive Amphidromiawhen father picked up son and carry them around the hearth this when when you would be namedInfant feedingno breast feeding Mother hand infants to a wetnurse to be fedBabiesthe AnthesteriaAnthesteria likehalloween 3 year olds at the end of the festival would be given a miniature oinochoe They wore a crown of ivy Wine jug symbolized weaning and survival of the infantFemales live til 36 Males live to mid40sReview of Ancient Greek Burial Customselite burialsAmpharetep140 mother and an infant Tombstone is memorial of both of themDexileosp180 gives DOB and DOD and who he was He was a calvalry man
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