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Lecture 18 Literature and Drama1Dedicated to many GodsErechtheion2Small ionic temple Temple of Athena Nike commemorates battle of salamis3Combined doricionic ordersParthenon dedicated to Athena ParthenosAthena was a virgin goddess4Entrance gate to the acropolisPropylaia combined doric exteriorionic interior5Chryselephantine statue here ivorygod statue elephantivoryUpsilonfirst original letter Greeks invented naked uSignificant Authors Archaic many authorsmany placesmany genresHomer OdysseyIlliad Homer competitionsreligious festivals Hippocus initiated Homer eventsPeisistratos OdeionHesiod of Askra Boiotiawrote epic poetry Wrote 1 poem about origins of the Gods WorksDays Works were meant to be sung outloud to musicTyrtaios of Spartawrote marching songs about Spartan army How great it was to die for Sparta Patriotic songsArchilochos of Parossoldier Participated in colonization of Thasos Lost his shield in a battle with inhabitants of this island He wrote a song about it He wrote personal songs with military themeSolon of Athensintroduced law court wrote about his accomplishments Bragged about his reformsAlso wrote patriotic stuff Anaximander of Miletusfirst prose writer One of presocratic philosopher Anticipated Darwins theory of evolution Indefinite is root of all thingsClassicalHistory historians lived in Athens Herodotus of Halicarnassos Cariawrote history of the Persian wars The Histories investigated reasons why the war occurred Thucydides of Athensmilitary man Wrote about history of Peloponnesian war Unfinished It was chronologicalXenophonfinished Thucydides history Wrote the Hellenica which takes on from where Thucydides left off He left Athens for Spartans after Persian war He wrote Howto books history of CyrusDrama Athenian original p 126 ParthenonTheatreTheatre of Dionysos p136 located at the slopes of the acropolis This is a theatre not an amphitheatre Theatre is outside Seats were stone benchesTheatronwhere audience sits Orchestra at centre has an altar to Dionysos where chorus is Proskenionwhere props were kept Skenewhere actors performedCity Dionysia5 day festival in honour of Dionysos1Held in march2Promoted by Peisistratos3Encouraged polis prideestablish identity
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