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Lecture 17 Eleusinian Mysteries Panathenaia Acropolis Athens Tau is for Tyrannicideslast letter in greek alphabet that was adapted from phoeniciansAgora purpose reviewwhere democracy was centredsocial stoasporches without building behind themfor men fountainsget waterwomenpoliticalgov buildings Royal stoaadministrative bouleterion prytaneion royal stoalegal Heliaiamilitary strategeionwhere 10 generals strategoi had meetingsreligion Hephaistiondevoted to hephaistosathenafinance mintnot all poleis had mints Trade went on in the agoraIndustrial Athensmetal workersworked behind Temple of Hephaistos Kerameikoswhere ceremicpottery workshops were Sculptures were made too Blackfigure pottery producedred figure pottery produced hereSolonreform said illegal for a man not to have an occupation All men must learn a skill tradeEquality in work Citizens slaves resident aliens were all paid same wage for a jobSalve owners could work alongside his own slavesWages obolsiron spitsSlaveryslaves were individually owned Sourcepurchased in slave marketsPiracy military campaignsStatus no legal rights Couldnt marry or own property Could be hired out They can save wage and buy freedom But they still couldnt voteAdvantagesfed housed clothed by owner They were never unemployed They made up 40 of the popoulation in Attica Politically and economically essentialEconomic Athens3 agorasasty harbourPeiraieus harbour area of AthensPeisistratostyrant of Athens He improved harbourThemistokleshe fortified the harbourKantharos largest area in the harbour Other 2 areas in harbour are naval areasImportsgrainExportssilver pottery olive oil3 harbours and 2 agorasEleusinian MysteriesEleusisReligious processionDemeterheld in honour of her Eleusis is the sanctuary of DemeterInitiationGreek speakers women slaves free menwomen only could be initiated in this cult They had to carry piglets for sacrifice to DemeterBay of PhaleronFalloccurred every year in the fall just before crops were planted
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