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Lecture 20 Outline Thucydides Peloponnesian War ArtArchitecture1Cynic philosopherDiogenes cynic they acted like dogs2Stoic philosopherZeno3Founded the AcademyPlato4Founder of the LyceumAristotle5Tutor of Alexander the GreatAristotlechi Chi is for choregic monumentthis letter is a Greek Original too It is for 1000Pipenta5 deltadeka10 Etahekaton100 chixilioi1000Classical Age Achievements reviewDemocracy 508 BCE Drama 532 BCEThespis stepped out from Chorus to become first actorPhilosophy SocratesThe Artshistory architecture sculptureFifth Century Wars Persian Peloponnesian p 114115Started with Ionian Revolt against Persians ended the Archaic ageEnds with Peloponnesian warsPersian WarsAthens Marathon SalamisSparta Thermopylai PlataiaResultsAthens beat Persians without help from SpartaSpartans gained fame by holding off Persians at Thermopolai Provided leadership for final battle of Persian War at PlateaAthens had best navyThamistacles organized the fleetAthensrichest and most powerful in HellenesSpartaleading land powerthough reluctant to fight wars outside LaconiaAthensthe Delian League Delos Delossite of Delian gamesDelian Leagueto neutralize PersiansAthensher allies200 polei in membership Monetary dues for the league paid in money or manpowerpurpose membership duestribute listsused acrophonic number system to record dues on marblerecord 160 of the total tribute each polis had to pay to keep ti runningth160 used to rebuild acropolis buildings in Athensth5960 used for expenses of Delian leaguededicationsNaxos Thasosthey tried to drop out of the league Athens used force to keep them in the league
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