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University of Ottawa
Classical Studies
Richard Burgess

Class 1 • and Thetis were getting married and they invite all the gods and goddesses and heroes except for Discrodia/Eris • Discordia was not happy and tries to cause problems • Gets a solid gold apple and writes on it "for the most Beautiful" and drops it into the party • Hera/Juno, Minerva/Athena, Venus/Aphrodite see the apple and all think they are the most beautiful • None of the gods will make the decision • What they decide to do is let a mortal decide • Go down and find Paris who is the son of the king of troy (he was tending his sheep) • Goddesses come down and ask him to decide • Juno and Minerva try to bribe him (earthly power/wisdom) • Venus pops up and offers him Helen of Sparta o Wife of Menelaus o Most beautiful • Venus is the most beautiful goddess • Helen then becomes Helen of Troy • Greeks launch a 10 year war against Troy • Troy is sacked a few people manage to escape • Trojan General Aeneas escapes with his father and his son Iulus/ Ascanius o Wife disappears • Flees from Troy and wanders for 10 years going on many adventures • Comes to the coast of Italy where the Tiber meets the ocean • Son isn't happy and wants to found a city of his own o Founds Alba Longa • Ascanius has a 13 generation line of kings • Twin Kings emerge- Numitor and Amulius (good/evil) • Numitor was the king • Amulius wanted to be king o He conquers Numitor and exiles him o Rhea Silvia, Numitor
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