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Review - 3rd Test Exam Review

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University of Ottawa
Classical Studies

CLA 1102 ROMAN CIVILIZATION EXAM REVIEWPART A DATES TO KNOWRegal period753509 BC Republic 50931 BCRoman Empire 31 BC476 ADByzantine Empire3301453 ADth44 March 15Caesar assassinated 42 Brutus and Cassius defeated at Phillipi by Octavian nd31 Sept 2 Battle of Actium th27 Jan 13Octavian hands back all power to senateAD 9 Clades Variana and end of Major Roman expansion 14Death of Augustus27 BCAD 68 JulioClaudian dynasty Augustus to Nero4374Conquest of Britain 69 Year of four emperors first6996Flavian dynasty Vespasian to Domitian96180Adoptive emperors Nerva to Marcus Aurelius117 Abandonment of Trajans eastern conquests193Year of four emperorssecond193217 218235 Severan dynasty Severus to Severus Alexander not Macrinus235285Crisis of the third Century Ptolemy drowns in the Nile River Caesar wins and takes over 47 when Caesar crosses the Rubicon he says Lacta Alea Estthe die has been thrown Comes back to Rome starts to rebuild it and pass laws etc46 remnants of Pompeys army gather in Africa and attack Caesar wins The remnants from this fight flee and gather in Munda Spain under Pompeys sons 45 Battle of MundaSulladictator Only problem is that Caesar is not only Consul and dictator so he has himself declared Perpetual Dictator dictator without the term limits Basically calls himself King which is a HUGE faux pas and automatically leads
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