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Test 1 Lecture NotesJanuary 9Pomeranium was the sacred line to not crossst Is was crossed and rome was officially created April 21753 BCRome south east side of tiberAlba longa is beneath the alba noretAll near thethanian seaRome is by the seven hills of rome palatine Aventine Capitoline capitol hill quirinal vimial Esquiline and CaelianHils are cut by small river valley leads to small island formed by the runoff in the tiber1200 bc 1000 bc this area was inhabitedTerritory all around rome latium those who lived in it latinsItly boot map topicagrphical the apenines are the back bone of ItalyLatium latus is word fofr broad wide below 200m are to left good for farming its call latium and rome is in the middleSite chosen largely for fertile large broad areRome was founded there TEST ANYTHING NUMBERED IS ON TEST1Because on a hill therefore defensible palentineGood volcanic soil for agricultureGood water supply tiber etc2Tiber offered great transportation to seaand inland tiber island isgreat place for inhabitants because it is the first natural cross road in river3A natural cross roads therefore it has a natural trading route for those at the north and south settlers in souther Italy are greek in the north are a mysterious ppl called the etruscans BOTH PPL ARE VERY BIG ON COMMERCIAL TRADE4MULTIPLE NATURAL RESOURCES IN AREa timber buildingfuelstone buildmetal deposits salt pansLatin word for salt sal root word for salaryEtruscans represent major civilisation in Italy at time 8thC bc aka 700s greeks strated arriving into their citiesIn 200 years there were 36 major cities in Italy aka magna graciaLatin is a native Italian language italicAs greeks start moving in greek civilization important to development of rome3 important influences on romes growth italiclatin pplsetruscans greeksEarliest grave 1000900 bcfirst time we know ppl settled and buried dead Evidence of pop Growth 830770 bcONLY DATES THAT ARE ON SYLLABUS TIME LINE NEED TO BE KNOWNINHABITANTS BEGINE TO SPREAD graves were in shallow area by swamps ppl start to move in to said areas aka the river has been dried out and paved over graves etcCemetery moved into escrolineRegal period year 753509 bc of seven kings Poorly built a bbig mess when it began750 thousand1 million ppl populationAncient Rome has 730 ppl per hectorspot density noisy smelly crowded dangerous disgustingLondon in 1800 is only other city to be that population densityBasilica law court19 acquadites bringing water into city6 obolisks shipped from EgyptCircuses cherry2 theatres2 spiral columns2 amphitheatre one is colosseum
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