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Lecture 1Myth of how roman was created There were two gods Peleus and Thetiswho were getting married and to their wedding all the other gods were invited except Discordia Eris the god of disaster So to get back at the two gods she throws a golden apple in the middle of the party and says that the apple belongs to the greatest 3 goddess say they are the greatestJuno queen of gods Minerva goddess of wisdomVenus goddess of love In order to decide who gets the apple the goddess chose a human Paris and ask him to pick who gets it Paris was a sheperd at the time but was actually the prince of TroyIn order to influence Paris each goddess offers him a giftJuno offers Paris to become the greatest king Minerva offers him to become the greatest general of war while Venus offers him the prettiest woman in the world Helen of Sparta The problem was that Helen was the queen of Sparta married to Menelaus who was the king of Sparta Being a man Paris picks Helen and Juno makes her fall in love with him Eventually Helen is taken to Troy where the war of 10 years occurs eventually ending in Menelaus burning Troy to the ground This is known as the Trojan War Out of these people Aeneas a soldier was able to escape carrying his father from the battle field and eventually travelled for 10 years to come to Italy near the Tiber River There he created the city of Lavinium which he named after his wife Then Aeneas had a son IULUSASCANIUS and he wanted to find his own city He later found the city of ALBA thLONGA which had 14 kingsAfter many generations the 13 and 14 kings were born and ththey were twins NUMITORAEMULIUS Numitor being born first became the 13 king and was the older of the two and was also the good king Aemulus was the evil one and forced Numitor to leave the country To make sure that Numitors decendants could not come attack Aemulus he made Numitors daughter Rhea siliva a vestal virgin meaning she cant have any children But then she fell in love with Mars the god of war and they had two twins too Romulus and Remus KeyWordsPELEUSTHETISDISCORDIAERISJUNOHERAMINERVAATHENAVENUSAPHRODITEPARISHELENSPARTAMENELAUSTROYAENEASTIBERLAVINIUMIULUSASCANIUSALBALONGANUMITORAEMULIUSRHEASILVIAROMULUSREMUSHISTORY1Lecture2Aemulius isnt happy He wants to kill these two kidsThen he has second ideas he puts them in a basket and intothe river C like the story of Mosesthe basket floats away and is then foundby a shepardRomulus and Remus have crawled up and are found by someoneThis person brings them home and raises themAs they grow up they figure out who their parents were they reclaim their thronesNumariator is back on throne and Aemulius is killedRR are now princes They get back with their motherThey want to find their own city Particularily where their basket came to land Remus favours Aventine because that is where he sees six vultures when he climbs the top of the hillRomans take the flight of birds very seriously Romulus favours Palentine because he sees the flight of 12 vultures there but only after Remus sees the 6 firstSo they are both sort of right in their own ways So this results in the foundation of 2 separate citiesRomans are suppose to create a sacred boundary known as the POMERIUM around the walls of their citiesRomulus plows the sacred boundary around his cityRemus on the other hand is ticked off since Romulus is ahead of him and has more help from people He decides to violate the pomerium by jumping over itThis puts Romulus in a precidamentRomulus kills his brother restores force this sends an example of what happens if anyone crosses the boundary He names his city after himself ROMEstDate 753 BC 21 April this day is still celebratedthis is a MYTHICAL STORY See the maps on pg 86 87where hills arecity is situated within clusters of 7 hills15 kmThe seven hills arePaletineAventineCapitolineQuirinalViminalEsquilineCaelian site of rome inhabited 12000 BC till Now
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