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RomanClass TwoMilitaryLatium is the flat wide area in the middle of the mountainsPeople wanted to live there because it is easily defended by mountains has volcanic soil good for agriculture has good water supply The tiber offers good transportation to sea and inland Its a lot cheaper to travel by water Tiber island makes it easy for people to cross from Latium It becomes a cross for trade North to South To the north is the ethruscans they seem to have come from modern Turkey To the south are the Greeks The south of Italy was founded by Greeks There was timbre stone metal minerals and salt in Latium Salt was desirable then Side note salary salt natural resources Etruscans from the North were the most important people very powerful th6 century there were 36 major citiesLatin culture LatiumEtruscan NorthGreek culture SouthThey are the three cultures near RomeThey drained the swamp and started burying people in the swamp between mountains 1000900 bc830770 BC there was huge population growth in Rome They started building houses in the swampcemetery They paved over the cemetery and decided to start burying on escqualine hill instead Myth kings ruled rome regal period There were 7 kings for 7 hills in Rome 753 BC founded by Romulous and in 509 was the last known king to reside there st750 725 1 wall was built around Palatine The wall at the bottom of palatine s
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